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Glampalm CRESCENT (Volumizer) – Simone VO Review


This iron is specially designed with crescent plates to lift your roots and create a gentle curve, imparting your hair with the ultimate volume in one, sleek slide.

As this tool delivers covetable volume to all types of hair, its premium craftsmanship of Healing Stone™ technology infused ceramic coating on the plates propels you hair’s overall health. It swiftly smooths through the hair and lends fast styling at a lower heat and retains the heat for time-efficient styling. Ensuring that your wrist is free of strain or stress if the 3D swivel at the handle, lending to optimal styling mobility.

The dynamic cushion and tilt functions providing minimal pressure and high precision all at once, it’s that quick trick to achieving healthier, shinier and an undeniably lustrous set of locks. Plus, it’s unique design pairs beautifully with coarser, shorter hair types.


source: Glampalm USA Youtube Channel

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